Fired Up de Randy Houser


One Way

Randy Houser

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Label: Stoney Creek Records
Randy Houser is one of the most soulful country singers in Nashville, and Fired Up plays to this strength nicely. The Mississippi native shines on the thoughtful, slow-building charmer "Back," while "One Way" is a gently paced stunner that builds to a beautiful, violin-laced chorus. Co-written by the equally soulful Chris Stapleton, "One Way" regretfully ruminates over missed opportunities with its mournful chorus: "Time is a river that only runs one way." Speaking of Stapleton, the bluesy twang of "A Little Bit Older" wouldn't sound terribly out of place on his Traveller, while "Same Old Saturday Night" is an anthemic heartland rocker driven by a big drum sound Sam Hunt. Other highlights include "Whiskeysippier River," the sentimental "Senior Year" and the regret-filled "Hot Beer and Cold Women."

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À propos de cet album