Welcome To The Fishbowl de Kenny Chesney


Come Over

Kenny Chesney

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Label: Blue Chair Records, LLC / Columbia Nashville
"I cried when I got in my truck, so I put on my shades," belts the thinking man's arena-country megastar on his 14th album, summing up his winsome mix of virile cool and naked, pleasantly uncool sentimentality. The raucous "Feel Like a Rock Star" (featuring new touring bro Tim McGraw) will get lighters lit and fists pumped, but tear-jerkers rule here, particularly the grim fading-dad ode "While He Still Knows Who I Am." Otherwise, he reiterates that love is grand, but the beach will do in a pinch; as Whining About Fame songs go, the title track is cheerier than "Turn the Page," at least.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album