La Vida Es Un Ratico En Vivo de Juanes




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Label: National Own (Uc)
Fresh off of winning a small truckload of Latin Grammys, Juanes releases the deluxe version of his richly lauded La Vida ... Es un Ratico. The man can't stop penning hit songs (or social messages), so this disc includes two new tracks: the stirring "Odio por Amor" and the charming "Falsas Palabras." Check him out with Colbie Caillat on a special version of "Hoy Me Voy," check out his live tracks, check out his song of the year "Me Enamora," and marvel. There are very few artists in pop music with such undeniable cred or such uncompromised talent.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album