Damn Right, Rebel Proud de Hank Williams III


Wild & Free

Hank Williams III

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Label: Sidewalk Records
Hank Jr.-Jr.'s fourth proper solo album (1996's Three Hanks: Men with Broken Hearts was a computerized cash-in featuring the three Hanks singing "together") features the trademark outlaw honky-tonk and cuss-heavy straight talk Williams is known for when he's not playing punk rock or NOLA sludge metal. With a song dedicated to rock 'n' roll reprobate GG Allin ("P.F.F.") and a nuclear trashing of Nashville hypocrisy ("The Grand Ole Opry"), the 13-song set finds Hank and his Damn Band in the kind of fighting form only people who've survived the wars can boast.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album