Holding On de Freedom Hawk


Holding On

Freedom Hawk

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Label: Small Stone Records Co.
These Virginians mine stoner-doom waddle for hot momentum, melancholy warmth and sticky tunes galore. T.R. Morton's high, Ozzyesque vibrato helps a lot, but so do twin axes that balance delectably dirty tone with heaven-bound uplift, and the dynamics that suddenly switch into bulldozer Budgie beats. "Zelda" is some gorgeously wordless rustic psych, too. But stick around for the border dope-trade Zappabilly of "Bandito," the whinnying guitar break of "Flat Tire," the Gregorian-dirged early-Aerosmith space-metal of "Faded," and the supremely confident and climactic speed-closer "Indian Summer."

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album