American Beauty/American Psycho de Fall Out Boy



Fall Out Boy

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Label: Island Records
The second album since Fall Out Boy's 2013 reunion courts relentless bombast -- always the band's most dangerous muse -- with more wit and confidence than ever. Tense, histrionic tracks like "Immortals" and "Irresistible" fuse jagged snatches of punk tune into a halting dancer's stomp; "Uma Thurman" makes a blaring hook out of Patrick Stump's gleeful over-enunciation of the Bride's name. And the album is so dense and efficient in its mania that a running time of over four minutes is all the wistful, gorgeous "The Kids Aren't Alright" needs to be Fall Out Boy's hugest, most majestic ballad.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album