Music Speaks de Candice Glover


Music Speaks

Candice Glover

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Label: Interscope (American Idol)
Candice Glover seized the American Idol crown with a gale of a voice that reminded viewers of Jennifer Hudson. Her debut, which uncharacteristically arrives nearly a year after the season finale, finds her using a screwed-and-chopped beat on "Coulda Been Me," offering brassy, CeeLo-esque retro-pop on "Same Kinda Man" and modernist R&B on "Kiss Me." Despite those experiments, it's ballads that made her an Idol, and it's when she turns The Cure's alt-rock classic "Love Song" into a soaring epiphany and savors "Forever That Man" that Music Speaks comes into focus.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album