Elegancia Tropical de Bomba Estereo



Bomba Estereo

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Label: Polen Records
At first, Bomba Estereo seem to take the difference between their album titles quite literally. The first half of their follow-up to the fierce Blow Up is indeed graceful, refined, elegant, with Li Saumet's cool vocals distanced by echoing, muted beats. Plenty of exciting bits peek out from behind the restraint (check "Bosque," which sounds like it was made in a chic rainforest). Still, you won't be sorry when they fire back up on the chaotic, cacophonous "Rocas" (those synth-gourd resonators!), or when they keep the flames licking during the rowdy, throbbing, hip-hop-hued second half.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album