Trilogy, Vol. 2 de Ana Popovic



Ana Popovic

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Label: ArtisteXclusive records
The wildly versatile Ana Popović unleashes her grandest aesthetic ambitions on Trilogy, a sprawling triple album that showcases a different aspect of the Serbian guitarist and singer's multifaceted artistry. The first album focuses on punchy funk, while the second and third delve into grit-caked blues and after-hours jazz respectively. If you want to hear Popović's fretwork at its most scorching, then jump straight to her absolutely riotous, horn-stuffed rendition "Fencewalk," a funk nugget mined from Mandrill's vaunted '70s-era catalog. And it isn't just her guitar that's firing on all cylinders. Her expertly slurred vocals on "Wasted" totally nail the down-and-out vibe unique to the blues' long tradition of classic booze tales. Each part of Trilogy contains its fair share of sonic exploration, yet Popović saves her boldest moves for part three. Featuring the swinging Bernard Purdie behind the kit, "Heaven's Crying Aka: Song for the Next Generation" is an utterly unique marriage of jazz balladry, socially conscious lyrics and wiry solos that manage to feel playful and passionate simultaneously.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album