Asalto Navideño: Vol. 1 & 2 de Willie Colon


La Banda

Willie Colon

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Label: Fania
Despite this dynamic duo's bad-boy rep, the "assault" here refers to the parranda, the Latin American custom of caroling groups staging impromptu parties at neighbors' houses. Like any good Fania record, an impromptu party is just what Asalto sounds like. No salsa-fied versions of the holiday standards here. Instead, we get warm, virtuosic originals laced through with Puerto Rican folk styles (bomba, plena and, especially, jibaro), filled with lyrics about the roots and evolution of diasporic culture, and performed by Colon, Lavoe and a cadre of their equally talented friends.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album