Miracle Mile de STRFKR




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Label: Polyvinyl Records
Don't be dissuaded by that name -- Portland's Starf*cker (STRFKR) make some truly entrancing pop music. On their third album, that means a concoction of funky dance cuts soaked in vacillating synths (the bouncy, life-embracing "While I'm Alive," the Tetris-blooping "Malmo") mixed with psych-pop mind-melters like the dreamy "Say to You." "Beach Monster" and "Nite Rite" both flow like a distilled mix of My Bloody Valentine adapted for a candlelit lounge. The vocals are their own hypnotizing force, fusing with the instruments as seamlessly as a drug slithering into the bloodstream.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album