180 de Palma Violets


3 Stars

Palma Violets

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Label: Rough Trade
Smirking, stylish London garage-rockers hotly tipped by the U.K. music press? What a novel idea! Yes, Palma Violets continue a proud lineage, from the mod ardor of The Jam all the way to the postmodern hijinks of The Vaccines, and 180 makes the grade via the shout-along cheeriness of lead single "Best of Friends" or the dust-kicking raucousness of "Johnny Bagga' Donuts." Note their sweet streak ("I'm gonna find myself a lady friend/ And stick by her until the end"), and give it up for band MVP Peter Mayhew, whose organ riffs evoke the greats and hint at potential greatness.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album